El Pirata, a charming restaurant in Illetas beach, in Formentera, the favourite beach of the great chef Juan Mari Arzak. There you can taste the specialties of the island, as well as som of wines.

Titi is the soul of the place, a man from Jaen, in the south of Spain, who moved to Formentera 22 years ago when he finished military service. Her sister was in charge of the popular restaurant Es Caló.

The cuisine reveals flavors and aromas of Balearic gastronomy. It’s summer and you have to eat the classic “bullit de peix”, a traditional dish consisting of boiled fish with potatoes, which you can eat before the rice prepared with the broth of fish and the lobster with garlic fried eggs.

Titi proudly explains that many popular faces visits his restaurant. Iniesta, Messi and Vicky Martín Berrocal among others, taste their recipes after and before a bath in the idyllic beach. They demand the menu and stays there until the sunset, a luxury time for all the visitors. El Pirata has become the best meeting point on the island.

Among the appetizers, the steamed mussels, grilled squid, fried anchovies and grilled red shrimp are very popular, althought the dried fish salad is very authentic.

To enjoy the raor, we will have to wait until September, when the ban is opened. It is a pink fish with tasty white meat that is often served fried. As a dessert, the traditional grexionera, a pudding of rich flavor, which was traditionally made in the island to take advantage of the ensaimadas of the previous day, made with eggs, milk, sugar, lemon, cinnamon and butter. A delight.

And from this summer you can find the best gin of the island that of course is GIN LOE

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