There are many studies that support the benefits of sea water.

Seawater has a chemical composition very similar to blood plasma, which is why it is so beneficial for living beings; there is only a handicap that the minerals in the sea water are in an inorganic way, that is to say, not bioavailable, in order to solve the absorption of minerals, we resort to a capture protocol, which is based on the collection of sea water in the high seas, in places privileged by their high stability in the composition of minerals, sites where marine currents keep the sea water clean and with a constant salinity, where vortex marine vortices are formed.

Allí se forman grandes concentraciones de plancton, segunda cadena alimenticia de la Tierra, junto con las plantas, capaz de transformar, a través de un proceso llamado biocenosis marina, los elementos minerales no biodisponibles en elementos biodisponibles, es decir, totalmente asimilables para nuestro organismo.