GIN LOE ECO 700ml.


GIN LOE, made with 100% organic ingredients that give it a differentiated and unique character.

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The selection of botanists, a good choice of alcohol base, the method and number of distillations, the Aloe Vera and the seawater from Formentera. These are the aspects that give GIN LOE its distinctive and unique character…
Made with 100% organic ingredients.

As master perfumers, the GIN LOE distillers put special emphasis on the selection of botanists and the distillation of their ingredients.
Fine-tuning the proportions and taking care of the combinations of ingredients in search of the desired aroma.
3 distillations are made, the first with Aloe Vera, the second with the botanists that form the blend of flavors and finally the last distillation is made by assembling all the ingredients.

Formentera seawater extracted in the open sea, filtered and sterilized, retains all the nutrients, minerals and trace elements.
Aloe Vera is a millenary plant considered the queen of plants in natural medicine, for its high medicinal and cosmetic properties. It has a large number of vitamins, minerals and essential amino acids for our body.
100% natural pure Aloe Vera.

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